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SAMDEX offers a wide range of solutions for surface protection of plastic. Professional protection films for plastic have their excellent use with:

  • products with different chemical properties and various kinds of surface finishing
  • treatment of surface and elements, among others: thermal shaping, laser cutting, drilling, screen printing, aso.
  • security of storing and transport 
Protective for plastic

Application of the  protection film for plastic by SAMDEX means the highest quality solutions, which are characterised by:

  • proper adhesion of the film and protection tape
  • perfect resistance to  puncture, abrasion and the most demanding conditions 
  • effective protection against  telescoping, even of very narrow rolls
  • easy to peel
  • resistance to cutting with laser
  • quality and surface finishing without stains, remains of the adhesive substance after removing the film

If you are looking for a high quality product:  PVC film, PVC tape, self-adhesive PVC tape, self-adhesive film for PVC profiles, protective film for plastic and other products for protection of surfaces made of plastic, use the SAMDEX offer. 

Personalise the product by printing your trademark, logo, technical information or an advertisement on the protective film or tape.

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