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SAMDEX manufactures protective films and tapes, with considerable professional experience. High quality  protective films for doors and windows are tested and fully safe. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions for  protection of plastic profiles which:

  • can be applied on any type of surface
  • meet strict standards of servicing, storing and transporting, renovation and building processes, installation and others
  • meet standards of environment protection and are 100% recyclable 
adhesive tape for glass samdex
protective film for wood samdex poland

Protective film for windows and self-adhesive film for doors are available in various colours.

Perfect protection of PVC profiles and aluminium is possible thanks to unquestionable quality of the products which are characterised by: ideal adherence, full resistance to abrasion, full transparency and ability to adapt to the most demanding conditions.

In the assortment of SAMDEX, dedicated, measured protective films can be found.

Protective products for doors and windows which are delivered to our clients are characterised, first of all, by:

  • stabile adhesion of  protective film and tapes
  • guarantee of storing outdoors (even up to 6 months)
  • high resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric factors
  • perfect resistance to abrasion of the printed films and tape
  • easy removal without tearing
  • perfection of the finishing to the surface, without any  residues after removal

The protective films we offer are the same width as the profiles. They can be delivered on very wide rolls and cut in the clients’ own workshops to follow any individual needs.

If you are looking for: protective film for car window-glass, protective film for windows, film for window frames, film to veneer window-glass, films for darkening window-glass, mirror film, matting film for glass and many other specialist tapes and films, we invite you to find out about the offer of the SAMDEX producer. 

Personalise your products:

  • printing your logo or trademark, advertisement or technological information on your  protective film
  • picking your chosen colour for your  protective film for windows
  • adjusting your chosen length and width to the size of the protected surfaces

If you have any more questions about protective films on window-glass and doors, we invite you to contact via the contact form visible on the site, or on the telephone. Our specialists will answer any question regarding our products.




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