For Glass Surfaces

Self-adhesive protective tapes by SAMDEX are commonly used:

  • for flat glass
  • as  safety film for mirrors
  • window glass
  • as film for glass doors
  • on furniture
  • as self-adhesive blue film for windows
  • for varnished dividing walls
  • as protection films for decorative and float glass
  • for solar panels
  • for double-glazed window panes
  • in the process of glass etching

SAMDEX specializes in engineering innovative and highly effective solutions in the field of glass surface protection. Protection films for glass by SAMDEX guarantee perfect protection: with stable and controlled adhesion throughout the whole duration of their use; against aging caused by outdoor factors, including UV resistance even up to 12 months; with ‘easy peel’ system.

colored protective films and tapes

Specialistic glass protection film by SAMDEX ensures perfect protection for any glass surface, without leaving any marks after removal of the film.

Protection films for flat glass by SAMDEX are also used for production of  household equipment and hi-fi – for oven doors, cooking panels, monitors, screens and many others. For production of glass protection films and self-adhesive tapes for glass, SAMDEX uses dispersion of acrylic water-based adhesives on polyethylene film, which allows widely available and easy recycling. Producers of mirrors and flat glass introduce strict requirements to diminish negative influence of products and their components on the environment. Water based pigments are being more and more commonly used with the silver coating for mirrors. SAMDEX has created safety films which are suitable for majority of water pigments and comply with the most of recent restrictions.  SAMDEX, in our films and tapes for glass surfaces,  apply technologies compatible with environment friendly solutions of producers of mirrors and flat glass.

SAMDEX ensures high quality, protection and technological parameters of our products and the team of our specialists are ready to support our clients with choosing protective films and tapes for glass to satisfy our clients’ individual needs and requirements.




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