Stainless Steel Surfaces

SAMDEX offers a wide range of protective films for stainless steel  for protection of any rough and high gloss surface finishing. We deliver our self-adhesive protection films in all types of rolls and width.

Protection film for stainless steel by SAMDEX will secure effectively decorative panels, renovation and building products, stainless steel sheets, lifts, household equipment (fridges, hoods, dishwashers) and many others.

samdex protective film
folia ochronna do metalu samdex

SAMDEX offers specialized films with specifically manufactured adhesives which are designed for protection of stainless steel. SAMDEX products assure perfect protection even to most demanding processes like deep drawing and laser cutting. SAMDEX manufactures films for two known laser cutting technologies; Fiber laser and CO2. Laser cutting can influence the quality of stainless steel surface. SAMDEX films guarantee effective protection and high quality of cutting. In the process of cutting, self-adhesive protection films by SAMDEX are easy to peel, which makes the process more effective and lowers the costs of production.

Films for protection of stainless steel ensure reliable protection against destructive UV radiation. Colour varieties and thickness of protection films by SAMDEX are endless: transparent, translucent, white, black, coloured, with available thickness from  25 µm to 400 µm. Films for stainless steel by SAMDEX are environment friendly – polythene films (PE) are optimal to replace more expensive materials.

Our technologists are at your service to adjust the choice of the offered products to our clients’ individual needs.




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