Stainless Steel Surfaces

SAMDEX is a manufacturer of high quality protection films for stainless steel for all metal surfaces – from structured to high gloss. Self-adhesive protection films for stainless steel are designed for the building trade and are offered in various width and different lenghts, depending on the customer’s needs. Films for stainless steel by SAMDEX are used in the widely understood building trade – they protect products and components such as: balustrades, lift cabins, window and door profiles, front installing systems, pillar and column covers, sheet metal, pipes, squares and many others efficiently.

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industrial protective film

Professional films for protection of stainless steel surfaces are produced with the use of special recipes for adhesives. SAMDEX films provide perfect protection to stainless steel during treatment with laser cutting,  pressing, bending or rolling. Laser films by SAMDEX are versatile in application. They fit both for fiber laser and CO2 cutting. After the process of cutting, self-adhesive films can be removed from the protected surface quickly and easily. By application of the SAMDEX products, treatment processes can be made more efficient  and, as a result, production cost at different stages of treatment of stainless steel can be diminished. 

Protection films for stainless steel by SAMDEX are enriched with the UV factor which delays aging of the film.              

Different thicknesses and colour varieties of protection films for steel are available in our offer.

  • coloured, white, black, transparent, semi-transparent
  • at thickness from 25 µm to 400 µm

Technologists of  SAMDEX remain at your service in the choice of products and adjusting them to your individual needs.




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